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Legal Ethics

Kent Kauffman. Legal Ethics Authors:Kent Kauffman.
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Book Summary:
Legal Ethics, second edition, provides a variety of methods designed to improve the reader's understanding of ethical rules. The premise of the book is that students should be given clear information so that they can understand complex concepts-because all legal professionals are required to act with the same professional care as attorneys. It provides a thorough and substantive analysis of the major principles that affect how the practice of law is regulated. To provide an example of the lawyer-disciplinary process, a provocative look at the disbarment proceedings against President Clinton is presented in the first chapter. Other real-world examples and hypotheticals are provided throughout the chapters in order to facilitate a better grasp on the technical material. Visual aids are provided throughout the text, so that critical and difficult concepts can be better understood. Review questions at the end of each chapter can also serve as a springboard for further, independent...

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