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Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide

Denis Clifford, Ralph Warner. Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide Authors:Denis Clifford, Ralph Warner.
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Book Summary:
Create a successful partnership! Creating a partnership is one of the simplest, least expensive ways to start a business - and often the most rewarding. But potential pitfalls abound, so you need to be prepared with a solid partnership agreement. Form a Partnership helps you at every step. Let it guide you through the important issues, then put everything in writing. The book covers: * cash, property and service contributions * financial and tax liabilities * admitting new partners * what happens if a partner wants out * buying out a partner's interest * the death of a partner * limited partnerships * and much more The 8th edition - completely updated to reflect the current law and current business issues - provides the forms, worksheets and samples you need. Includes a partnership agreement (plus all the information you need to fill it out) on CD-ROM. List of Forms Partnership Agreement Short-Form Partnership Agreement Sample Partnership Termination...

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