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Legislative Politics and Economic Power in Russia

Paul Chaisty. Legislative Politics and Economic Power in Russia Authors:Paul Chaisty.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Serie:St Antony's Series
Price:5638.5 rub.

Book Summary:
"Legislative Politics and Economic Power in Russia" is a study of the legislative actors and institutions that have shaped economic law making in Russia since 1990. Assessing the influence of partisan, bureaucratic, regional and corporate interests in Russia's post-communist parliaments, the book addresses questions that are crucially important for Russia's political stability and economic development. Can Russian political institutions act decisively to solve problems when they arise? Does this system of governance deliver credible, coherent and consistent policies? And, is the Russian state ultimately able to enact policies that address public interests and concerns? Формат издания: 14 см х 22,5 см.

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